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    Manasija monastery

    Manasseh monastery is located on the banks of the river Resava near the town of Despotovac The temple was built by despot Stefan Lazarovych son of Prince Lazar Hrebelyanovich The construction lasted 14 years from 1406 till 1418 th year In the days

    National Park Djerdap

    Djerdap is an amazing National Park located in the eastern part of Serbia on the border with Romania Its total area is 63 608 hectares and with a prohibited area 93 968 hectares The main natural phenomenon of this place beautiful Dzherdapskoe

    Golubac Fortress

    Golubac Fortress was a medieval fortification town on the south side of the river Danubia four kilometers downstream from the modern city of Golubac The fortress which is likely to have been built in the XIV century is divided into three components

    Monastery Fog

    Fog Monastery a convent which is located 12 kilometers from the small ancient Serbian town of Golubac kotoriyraspolozhen on the river Tumanki This monastery was built in the XIV century and its heavenly patroness believe Xenia  Petersburg The



    TE Drmno


    Vracev Gaj


    Foto kino klub Požarevac

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