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    Asen's Fortress

    • Asenovgrad, Bulgaria
    • Asen's Fortress$$
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      Asen's Fortress - a medieval building, which is located in the Rhodope Mountains near the town of Asenovgrad. At first it was a low tower, around which soon began to form rural settlements Stenimaka and Petrich. In ancient times, With its location was a key center of the fortress, which controlled the pass with Ploўdzіva to the Aegean Sea through the valley of the river Chernatitsa. In 1083, the building received monastic regulations. In 1231 of the strained relations with the Latin Empire commander Ivan Assen ordered to strengthen and expand the defensive lines of the fortress, turning it into a border fortress. Today, thanks to this event facility received its former name.

      For locals Asen's Fortress serves as a national monument, which fall into the "Top 100" national tourism destinations. Access to it was opened in 1991 after restoration work completed. This place keeps many stories and mysteries, to read that will help local guide.

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