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    Bachkovo Monastery

    • Bachkovski Manastir, Bulgaria
    • Bachkovo Monastery$$
    • +359 033 27277
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      Bachkovo Monastery is located on the bank of the river Chepelare Bulgarian. That he has a unique organic weave Georgian, Bulgarian and Byzantine cultures, united by a common faith.

      Bachkovo Monastery was founded in 1083 by the decision of Gregory Pakoryanosa. It was a famous military leader and statesman of Byzantium. By its decision, then at the monastery was founded a seminary for young people.

      Monastery took care of many managers. This is reflected in its very structure. Thus, the image of the king of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom attended his vaults in the basement and the porch. Unknown artist painted and decorated the walls of the refectory. Making her carry the beginning of the seventeenth century.

      In the monastery repeatedly invaded foreign invaders. So, the Turks he tried to plunder and destroy. They almost got it. Only in the fifteenth century the monastery was restored. By the way, he became the last resting place of many priests. 

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