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    Botanical garden

    • Vasil Levski, Bulgaria
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      Botanical Garden - a maze of scents and mysteriously beautiful places in 1955 adorn the territory of the summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria. The design of the park - the development of the French garden designer Jules Janine.

      Here redwoods grow exotic, romantic magnolia, attractive candy trees, straightforward pencil tree, mysterious lily cactus serious, old stone thrones, small lakes, seas and the mass, the mass of another splendor.  

      By the way, cactus, which the park about 600 species are of most interest to visitors. Perhaps influenced by their giant size, so that surprises visitors of the park. Cactus collection - the second largest in Europe, after the collection in Monaco. And the entire collection of the park is considered to be the largest and richest in the Balkans.

      After fascinating walk (you can during) should taste the local wine.

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