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    Boyana Church

    • Boyana, Bulgaria
    • Boyana Church$$
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      Boyana Church - one of the most advanced and fully preserved monuments of east European medieval art. The church consists of three outbuildings.

      The eastern part of the church - a small, krestokupolnomu building, built in the 10th century. In the early 13th century to the existing construction was added the second storey of the church. By the way, the frescoes are in this part of the house of God - the ones with the most valuable medieval paintings. The third church was built only in the early 19th century. The last church art luxury does not shine.

      World-famous Boyana Church was due to the unique frescoes. Among them are considered to be the most ancient image of St. John of Rila the Wonderworker (heavenly patron of Bulgaria), Holidays Petkі Turnovo, ktsіtaram and holding of the Second Bulgarian Empire Emperor Constantine Assen Pacific and Queen Eanny, Kaloyan and Desislava.

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