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    Boyana waterfall

    • Boyana, Bulgaria
    • Boyana waterfall$$
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      Boyana waterfall - a fascinating work of nature, with a crash flying from a height of 15 meters and admire who look at him tourists. Waterfall - perhaps the only thing that breaks the silence peaceful this strange city. All the surrounding if nature is in a fantastic dream. Trees, delicious smelling flowers, mountain air, the narrow, forested trails - all designed to turn a trip to a waterfall in a unique and arresting action. Not far from the waterfall has a hotel special inspiration, who did not want to leave this place quickly tourists.

      Falls desire to please everyone so great that on clear days it is visible from the center of the solar capital of Bulgaria. During snow melt waterfall becomes paўnavodnym and delicious splash their forest. Never ceases to please people even in winter waterfall. Freezing every winter, waterfall turns into a huge piece of ice hung attracts the climbers and fans of extreme sports.

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