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    Lake Burgas

    • Kvartal Gorno Ezerovo, Bulgaria
    • Lake Burgas$$
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    • Lake Burgas - 28 square kilometers of salt water area, which like migratory birds and lots of fish. Here you can arrange a hunt for flounder, gobies or Loban. Living in these parts and carp, but it feels great breeding difficulties due to industrial pollution of the lake waters.

      But, despite the fact that the scenic landscapes overshadows Burgas Petrochemical Plant, there is still cute and charming. Bathe in the waters of the lake is not recommended, but to make a half-hour tour lodkavuyu - always when please. In this process, water travel, you can explore the rich coastal vegetation, funny inhabitants of the lake, and just get aesthetic pleasure. As for the birds, they are protected, and therefore it is better not birds bother.

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