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    Chudnite Rocks

    • Struya, Bulgaria
    • Chudnite Rocks$$
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      "Wonderful rock" - is an amazing natural phenomenon, which is located near the village of Asparuhovo, on the right bank of the river Luda-Camci. Rocks are in the form of high peaked pyramids and cones, which from a distance look like an ancient dilapidated castle. Some tourists "Wonderful rock" looks like a huge pig's head. The phenomenon includes three mountain ranges, the entire length of which dug three tunnels. According to him passes road, built of small crushed stones. B area "Wonderful rock" there are many interesting caves and pits, some of them live large birds of prey. These places are difficult and dangerous, so it's best to take a guide.

      Of particular interest are the local tourist routes, equipped for climbing. They are in the northern part of the natural phenomenon in the territory of the long-abandoned sand pit. At this point, the rocks have the shape of arcs with different collection, characteristic of their upper part. In 2006, there occurred one of the national competitions on climbing, especially for this were equipped with 8 new routes.

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