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    Village of Bath

    • Bata, Bulgaria
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      In Bulgaria, Burgas region, is the village of Bata. It is part of Pomorie municipality. Population it is 1235 people. At the head of the village headman worth (la ha), this position performs today Gergiev Nedelcho Georgiev. It's been Kmet appointed after the elections.

      Bata village is located 60 kilometers from Burguse toward Sophie. It has a mountainous terrain and fully displays the color of Bulgaria. Tourists remember the village in the first place, from the free wine barrels on the evening concerts that take place here almost daily.

      At the entrance to the historic village worth Bulgarian wattle and daub from rural treasure. Inside the village are all very well maintained. Old woman who looks like a typical balgarkamі, sits and spins the strand. That's all you can take video and pictures.

      Before the evening show at the entrance put tables to pour them all visitors for a drink apricot rekii. And in the yard of the hut already completed a large yard. Under the roof on both sides to put out tables for 15 seats. On the representation is 500 places that are never empty.

      The show includes a folklore program to the public of various nationalities, dancing, dancing on hot coals, children skating on a cart with a donkey. "Live" works a potter, serves delicious cuisine. Great fun!

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