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    Dryanovo Monastery

    • Tsinga, Bulgaria
    • Dryanovo Monastery$$
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      Dryanovo Monastery - one of 10 distinguished refuge of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the majestic monastery, surrounded by cliffs, caves and which carries a long history.

      The monastery was built to commemorate the victory of Bulgaria over Byzantium in 1187. Founders - boyars-conspirators Assen and Peter. At the beginning of the 15th century the monastery was destroyed. Modern look Dryanovski monastery acquired in the late 17th century. Then at the beginning of the monastery The library. Now the ancient manuscripts and books are kept in the library of the National church historical and archaeological museum in Sofia.

      The temple has no murals. Within its walls - holes Ottoman cannons. Builders left them specifically in memory of the dead and the past of Bulgaria.

      Not far from the monastery is Dryanovski cave with a waterfall, karst springs and cave formations worthy of attention.

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