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    Thracian Tomb

    • Kazanluk, Bulgaria
    • Thracian Tomb$$
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      Frakіyskіmі tomb - one of the oldest and most masterpiece tombs in Bulgaria, when built to Roygosa, one of the kings frakіyskіh. Here, all as 23 centuries ago: caryatid protect the sarcophagus, the eagle in the corner, murals on the walls.

      During archaeological excavations carried out in 1944, have been found valuable items, such as: jewelry and skeletons that belong to people and animals, pottery and ritual vessels, decorated with ornaments, as well as traces of the altar was used for performing sacrifices.

      However, to see the original tomb Frakіyskay given only by special delegations, but it does not bother the millions of tourists who annually visit a copy of the tomb, located, however, in close proximity to the original.

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