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    The historic center of Plovdiv

    • Centralen, Bulgaria
    • The historic center of Plovdiv$$
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      Bulgarian city of Plovdiv - one of the oldest cities in Europe and the second largest in the country and the importance. Picturesque streets, houses and squares of the historic center Ploўdzіva store the fingerprints of that happened here hundreds of years ago.

      In the composition of the architectural ensemble can be seen the influence of different cultures and eras. Thus, the central square is ruined Roman amphitheater time, sometimes within the city can be found pieces of a Roman fortress, including religious shrines Christian Church of Saints Constantine and Helena in the street Sborna 24 and Juma Mosque and Imaret. For fans of museum tours open doors Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of History Ploўdzіva, museum of icons, the Archaeological Museum and many other less famous museums.

      The streets of the old town, winding and narrow, intertwined with each other and of themselves are perfect in order to become better acquainted with the history of Ploўdzіva. One of the most famous streets named after Rajko Daskalov. This is the place where you can buy anything, besides there are many cafes and restaurants that serve authentic Bulgarian cold coffee.

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