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    Stone Forest

    • Madara, Bulgaria
    • Stone Forest$$
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      "Beaten up kamni" translated from Bulgarian means "Stone Forest". This forest is located near Shumen, 20 km from Varna on the way to noisy. Before you get here tourists appears incredibly spectacular place: huge boulders above growth human form intricate patterns, circles and far indeed resemble wood. In fact, these places in Bulgaria abound, but it is the largest and well-known. Until recently, the "Stone Forest" was considered the work of man, but recently prevailing theory it exclusively of natural origin.

      Some stone columns are given names: "Single", "Family", "Tron" and others. The central composition is a circle, attracts its mystical-minded visitors. It is believed that touching one of these stones and health benefits removes negative energy. Natural Monument "beaten kamni" occupies about 50 square meters. km and extended in length by 700 meters.

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