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    Stone Forest

    • Tutrakantsi, Bulgaria
    • Stone Forest$$
    • +359 748 605- 68-79.
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    • Stone Forest - it's an interesting monument of Bulgaria. Natural phenomenon is as much as five square kilometers. In this space the stones of different shapes.

      All stones in the Stone Forest is divided into seven huge groups. This large columns which have a height of twelve feet, and the hollow truncated cones and cylinders, circular stones, rocks and cliffs and small stones that form an energy circle. It was he and attracts the most tourists. According to legend, stay in this circle, adds health to everyone.

      All stones have a base of cement sand. Their formation took place hundreds of years.

      The first time the fate of Concerned Scientists in 1829, and since then, the researchers do not leave this place. By the way, in 1938 the Stone Forest joined the list of the World geological forms. Interestingly, the stones are still "grow". Moreover, it occurs not only in the earth's surface, but also underneath.

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