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    Club Restaurant Deevee Razkazi

    • Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Club Restaurant Deevee Razkazi$$
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      Club Restaurant See says - a great restaurant, happily satisfy the most refined desires of their guests. Offers traditional Bulgarian dishes, dressed nice folk tunes soaked Bulgarian hospitality and smell carelessness. This cozy, warm place where you can hide from the noise and the population of the capital.

      You can instead of loneliness, to organize within the walls of warm places noisy party with dancing until dawn, which take place here from 22 November to 9 December. Or, for example, noted the wedding. For her and other family celebrations devoted his time - 13 April December 13th.

      In short, a lovely place, with national, unobtrusive music, varied, tasty menu, drinks and interesting atmosphere of total immersion in joy. Log in such a wonderful institution paid, however, the average price will not have a negative impression on the purse.

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