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    Baba Vida Fortress

    • Vidin, Bulgaria
    • Baba Vida Fortress$$
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      Baba Vida fortress - a fortress, has a long and rich history and the love of many tourists. The fortress was built in the second half of the tenth century on the site of Roman fortifications and has long served as a defense of the city of Vidin. Fortress has often been the arena for fighting, kept a long siege, and was rebuilt at the request of the new owners.

      The changing face of the fortress and when change its nature. The existing courtyard church was destroyed in the 18th century when the castle was used as a warehouse for the storage of ammunition, as well as a prison.

      Today Baba Vida - a national cultural monument, which was under the protection of UNESCO. Also in the courtyard of the fortress regularly hosts theatrical performances. The castle is open to tourists all year round.

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