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    Hissar fortress

    • Lovech, Bulgaria
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      Lovech - one of the oldest inhabited places in Bulgaria, which appeared on the site of a Thracian settlement Melta and Roman fortress Presidency. One of its attractions is the ancient fortress located on two terraces of the picturesque hill Hіsar.

      In addition to the natural protection that fortress give high, steep slopes of the hill and at the bottom of the river, this place was surrounded by a stone wall and powerful. The remains of fortifications built by the ancient Romans, is exceptionally well preserved and are a fine example of Roman architecture. 2190 m long walls and seats up to 11 meters - it is a museum of Roman and Byzantine culture in the open. The fortress had a rectangular shape on the corner of her arranged tower, and inside were four gates. Are preserved to the western and southern (main) gate. Preserved and Hisarskaya tomb within the ramparts - is a Roman family tomb of the IV century, decorated with mosaics and paintings.

      In the history of the country has entered a fortress in 1187, when it was signed Lovech peace treaty between Byzantium and Bulgaria, according to which the Bulgarian state gained independence.

      Today, in the western part of the fortress has a huge metal cross on the spot where once was the ancient church. Cross is visible from almost all parts of the city and is especially good at sunset, when it shines by reflecting sunlight.

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