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    Covered Bridge

    • Lovech, Bulgaria
    • Covered Bridge$$
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      "Covered Bridge" - a kind of symbol of the Bulgarian town of Lovech. Covered Bridge was built by the architect Kolyo Ficheto beginning in 1876 at the request of residents of the city, after the old bridge was destroyed by a flood. In the construction of "covered bridge with trade shops "involved nearly all the inhabitants of the city - the poor worked on the construction, and the rich to finance the work.

      The bridge had a stone field, but he was made of wood, which selected the architect for the building in person.

      In 1925, this wonderful building burned down in a fire. Reconstruction of the bridge was completed in 1931. He became completely stone, but his appearance did their best to keep the way it was built Ficheto.

      At present, the length of the construction of 106 meters, it has 14 stores. Covered Bridge - one of the most visited attractions in Lovech.

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