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    Madara Horseman

    • Kalugeritsa, Bulgaria
    • Madara Horseman$$
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    • Madara Horseman - the most unique stone bas-relief depicting a warrior with a dog, a lion wins. Composition, carved in full height of the cliff at the cliff near the village of Madara. The monument was found in 1872 by the Hungarian archaeologist Felix Kenіs. Some scientists believe that the image of the rider depicted Bulgarian Khan Tervel, who was the son of the famous ruler of Bulgaria Asparuh.

      Madara Horseman - in a sense, a symbol of the country, its honor and courage. The product of the ancient masters attracts a lot of tourists admire not only by the rider, but also impressive nature of these places.

      There is also a cave where once was a pagan sanctuary. Later on in these places, among the steep rocks and flowing sources found shelter Christian monks.
      In 1979 the Madara Horseman was listed as a cultural heritage by UNESCO.

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