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    Sherif Halil Pasha Mosque Tombul

    • Kon'ovec, Bulgaria
    • Sherif Halil Pasha Mosque Tombul$$
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      Sherif Halil Pasha - a Bulgarian mosque. But most of it is known as Tombul, there is a mosque located in bustling. It should be noted immediately that this is the largest mosque in Bulgaria.

      The greatness of its huge building and beauty fascinate the correct forms. It was built in 1740-1744 years and was originally located in northeastern Bulgaria. At that time, in that place was the center of the Ottoman Empire. But because in the modern country slides center, its location is specified as the north-east of the country.

      The name of the mosque comes from the shape of its dome. It is located at an altitude of twenty meters from the ground. The complex has a main building - room malennyaў, boarding house and yard. There is a good arch refers to the main building of the mosque.

      Inner interior Tombul Mosque painted geometric shapes. There is also a lot of phrases, performed in Arabic.
      As in any other mosque in Bulgarian on the walls there are some phrases from the Koran, which is known to every Muslim.

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