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    Rila Monastery

    • Rilski Manastir, Bulgaria
    • Rila Monastery$$
    • +359 987 5611
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      Rila Monastery - one of the most visited places of pilgrimage in the country, is the monastery in Bulgaria.

      Founded a monastery in the tenth century, John of Rila - the saint who lived in a cave not far from the present monastery. In its present form, the monastery was built in 1816 - 1847, the Bulgarian architects. From the original construction was only a stone tower, Church, the Episcopal throne and carved wooden gates.

      The inner part of the monastery striking splendor of the architectural ensemble: the abundance of colonnades, weightless stairs and balconies. Middle of the yard Hrelova stone tower built in 1335. Top of the tower there is a chapel of the Transfiguration, decorated ancient wall paintings. With regard to the latter, they also decorate the rest of the premises of the monastery. The spectacle of a magnificent and mesmerizing. No less intriguing is the iconostasis of the monastery church, made of walnut wood and decorated with openwork carving.

      By the way, the tomb of St. John of Rila is located near the monastery, near the chapel.

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