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    Cape Kaliakra

    • Bulgarevo, Bulgaria
    • Cape Kaliakra$$
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      Cape Kaliakra - the picturesque rocky massif, crashed into the sea, bordered on all sides by rocky cliffs of red color, the height of which sometimes reaches 70 meters. Everything here breathes history. From the IV century BC to build a fortress here, rebuilt many times Byzantines. In the XIV century Bulgarian nobles built a powerful fortress Klaserka, the ruins of which can still be seen to this day.

      In one of the caves located on the Cape, is a historical and archaeological museum where various artifacts from the III century BC until the XVII century BC And in the nearby grotto history gave way to the present - here is a good restaurant. From here a spectacular panorama.

      To be precise, the splendid views are everywhere. Inaccessible cliffs, beautiful sea, stretching into the distance, intoxicating air, incredible vegetation and juicy scent of freedom. Last enjoy not only many tourists but also nest in these places cormorants.

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