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    Quay Balchik

    • Vasil Levski, Bulgaria
    • Quay Balchik$$
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      Balchik great place for couples and families. There are beautiful sandy beaches, where you can sunbathe and swim in the Black Sea. The beaches are located on the waterfront in the designated areas. Quay Balchik ideal place for walking, especially the evening, because it is not so hot. The length of the waterfront 4 kilometers.

      Along the waterfront there are many restaurants and cafes where you can taste the Bulgarian cuisine. Are also clubs where you can relax and dance and a small but very cozy hotel. On the beaches of many different attractions for the whole family. On the waterfront is the summer residence of the Romanian princess, because Romania is only 70 kilometers from Balchik. Quay itself is very colorful, summer all surrounded by greenery.

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