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    Cave Lepenitza

    • Chepino, Bulgaria
    • Cave Lepenitza$$
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    • Lepenitza Cave is considered to be the pride of the Rhodope Mountains. It is situated in the western part of them, just below the summit of Mount Syutka.

      The cave is very long (about 1,500 meters) and is high enough. The cave itself can be divided into 3 floors. On the ground floor of an underground river flows, the second during heavy rains water accumulates, it forms a lake 4. The third floor is completely dry, but, unfortunately, does not respond. Like many caves of this kind, the cave Lepenitza strange decorated nature: here you can see stalagmites, stalactites, stalacton variety of shapes and compositions. In addition, the cave has a unique and truly wealth - in the literal sense of the word: it found a beautiful cave pearls.

      Lives here and a variety of living creatures - about 24 species. For example, here found shelter 6 different species of bats.

      A visit to the cave has been made possible just what the last 50 years. Here relatively cool - just 10 degrees Celsius. Therefore, tourists are advised to stock up on warm clothing, as well as specialized training, which gives the entrance conductor (go without all this you can not).

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