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    Magura Cave

    • Tolovitsa, Bulgaria
    • Magura Cave$$
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      Magura cave - home of fantastic facilities including: pictures 2700 BC with a variety of men, hunting scenes these same men on animals, pictures of the sun, plants, etc., And also stalacton, sinter pockets, cave pearls and a breathtaking 11 - Meter stalagmite "fallen pine."

      The cave began to form about 15 million years ago, and has long been some sanctuary, as, incidentally, evidenced by the numerous rock paintings. The total length of the cave is more than 2.5 km, and the temperature does not rise above 12 degrees. 
      This fact does not allow a person to feel comfortable in these places, but for wine barrels that temperature is the most that neither is appropriate. In short, in addition to the cave you can enjoy the beauty of Bulgarian wine, but if you want and buy a bottle or two wine or champagne.

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