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    The Danube River

    • Ostrov, Bulgaria
    • The Danube River$$
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    • The Danube River is the second largest river in Europe. Its length is 2850 km and the basin area reaches 817 square kilometers.

      The river has more than 300 tributaries, 34 of which are navigable. In the 5th century BC Greek traveler and geographer Herodotus examined the Danube. Since ancient times, the river played an important role. She was one of the main trade routes and attracted the attention of many conquerors.

      Currently, the river Danube is assigned a special international status, because in many European countries, in some areas the river serves as their natural border, including on the territory of Bulgaria - Danube marks the northern border with Romania. On the shores of the Danube There are 8 cities and 40 Bulgarian islands, many of which are attractive to tourists.

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