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    Vit River

    • Krushovitsa, Bulgaria
    • Vit River$$
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    • Beauty mountain range attracts many travelers who are not afraid to put up a tent and stay in touch with nature.

      The river Vit is nearly 200 kilometers. The height of the source of the river Vit is a little more than two thousand meters above sea level. Wit takes on Lovech and Pleven areas. On her way is the city of Pleven, to the left of it Tetenev flowed. Last known city with plenty of natural attractions. Here are ancient and deep caves, and the most beautiful waterfall and ancient buildings in the form of monasteries and mounds.

      In the Danube flows Wit near the Romanian city of Islas after going 13 kilometers.

      All the time in the territory of the coast of the river tourists plotting trips - so beautiful and interesting terrain, through which flows Vit. If you follow this route, you can hike along the beautiful city of Bulgaria.

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