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    Restaurant-tavern "Nut"

    • Bansko, Bulgaria
    • Restaurant-tavern "Nut"$$
    • +359 0749 84 814
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      Fur "nut" - a small family restaurant, decorated in traditional Bulgarian style. "Nut" is located in the historic center of Bansko and is very popular among tourists.

      Fur - a Bulgarian national name for a modest, cozy restaurants with a simple kitchen and a truly homely, relaxed atmosphere. "Nut" is fully consistent with this definition, even though this place is not such a small - three rooms of this the restaurant can accommodate up to a hundred visitors at a time.

      The kitchen is quite modest, and the menu consists mainly of traditional Bulgarian dishes. In the evenings visitors entertained guest musicians who performed pleasant, unobtrusive music.

      In general, the Fur "nut" - an excellent and inexpensive restaurant, which is particularly sincerity, hospitality and warm atmosphere.

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