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    Rock Monastery of St. Demetrius Basarbovski

    • Basarbovo, Bulgaria
    • Rock Monastery of St. Demetrius Basarbovski$$
    • +359 082 800 765
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      Rock Monastery of St. Demetrius Basarbovski, the first mention of which relate to 1431, is the only active male rock monastery in Bulgaria and has a high architectural, cultural and religious significance.

      It is named after the famous his monastery - St. Demetrius, who was born in the village in 1685 and spent his entire life in a monastery. Taking a walk in the surroundings of this place, you can see well, dug a monk. According to popular belief, water is healing. At the foot of the monastery is dug up more than half a century ago, three rooms, one of which is the dining room.

      Going further, you can climb the 48 stone steps and see the niche where he slept St. Demetrius, and the rock church with a beautiful iconostasis and an icon representing the saint to his full height. The monastery is the cave in which the museum exposure and relics Hrisanty monk who revived the monastery in 1937.

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