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    Statue of Virgin Mary with Child

    • Khaskovo, Bulgaria
    • Statue of Virgin Mary with Child$$
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      Statue of Virgin Mary with Child, located at the entrance to the Huskies, is not only a symbol of the city, but also the high statue of the Virgin Mary in the world. That is why it is included in the Guinness Book of Records.

      Grand opening of the statue took place September 8, 2003. It was attended by the chief bishop Arseny, who conducts the ceremony of consecration. The monument was created by a team of talented sculptors led by Peter Alexandrov and Nikolai Stoyanov.   

      The sculpture, created from polymer concrete, weighs as much as 80 tons, and its height is 14 meters. Placed on the 17-meter pedestal, seen from anywhere in the city. Evenings lit by the light of lanterns silhouette of the Virgin Mary and the baby both protects the city from all adversity.

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