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    Traditional Bulgarian village of Solnik

    • Solnik, Bulgaria
    • Traditional Bulgarian village of Solnik$$
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      Get acquainted with the Bulgarian customs can go on excursions in the traditional village of Solnik. The path of the center of Varna will take you no more than an hour. All guests first visit grandma Lines that further acquaint you with the feature of rural life.

      After a generous dishes on Bulgarian hospitality you can visit all corners of the peasants' huts, see ethnographic exhibition of household items, take a walk in the orchard or take a trip around the neighborhood on this cart.  

      Kids also will not be bored. All day long they can spend with local animals - rabbits, goats, cows and horses. In the village of Solnik, you can look in any home, to feel all you want, take pictures wherever you like. As a souvenir recommend that you purchase something from the traditional Bulgarian clothes that are decorated with embroidery, many local craftswomen.

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