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    Troyan Monastery

    • Velchevska, Bulgaria
    • Troyan Monastery$$
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      Troyan Monastery of the Assumption is a few kilometers from the town of Troyan, near the river Cherni Osam. The monastery is the third largest functioning Orthodox monastery Stauropegial Bulgarian Orthodox Church. 

      The monastery - the ancient and respected history. Founded in the early 17th century abbot Kallistratov, the monastery became the owner of the miraculous icon of "Our Lady Naysvyatseyshaya Three Hands", which brought an unknown monk, visited Mount Athos. The icon survived to our time and is one of the most revered shrines of the monastery.

      The building of the monastery was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt again. Prior to the beginning of the nineteenth century church and several residential buildings took the final form in which we can admire today. Inside the temple, deserve special attention murals, made in blue-violet tones and elegant carved iconostasis. Very impressive looks and bell tower height of five floors.

      Currently, the monastery is one of the hundred national tourist sites.

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