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    Church of the Forty Martyrs

    • Dolna Oryakhovitsa, Bulgaria
    • Church of the Forty Martyrs$$
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      The church was built in the shape of an elongated basilica in 1230 - when the great Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Assen II, decided to commemorate his victory over the head epіrskіm kingdom, which occurred on the day of the Forty Martyrs, so that the church and given the name. 

      Orthodox Church remained until the 18th century - at this time the Turks turned it into a mosque, destroying all the icons. The only thing that could survive - several murals that have survived to our time. Then, during the earthquake in the early 20 century church was seriously damaged. Therefore, it was later decided to restore and reconstruct the temple, which was completed by 2006.

      Now from the former greatness of the church were only surviving frescoes and a pair of columns, one of which recorded a record of Ivan Assen victory, as well as border post, created during the reign of Khan Krum.

      Now the church - is a branch of the National History Museum Sofia. Service is carried out only during major Christian holidays.

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