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    The Church of Saint Petka

    • Orlandovtsi, Bulgaria
    • The Church of Saint Petka$$
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      The tiny church that looks more like a chapel, keeps on its walls frescoes. Date of construction of the Holy Petkі unknown. It is assumed that it was founded in the 14th century, however, there is reason to believe that the church on this site was in the 11th century. The temple was consecrated in honor of the Holy Great Martyr Petkі (in Russian St. Paraskeva), which is one of the highly respected local saints. Archaeological studies have found that this place was initially a pagan temple. In times when this area was under the control of the Ottoman Empire, the temple of the Holy Petkі occupied an area of ​​about 400 square meters, now it nestles in the heart of the city in a small area of ​​70 sq.m. Usually tourists legend tells that are buried here remains revolutionary and hero of Bulgaria Vasil Levski, but recent data have established that this statement is wrong.

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