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    Women's bazaar

    • Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Women's bazaar$$
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      Female market - stalls with fresh fruits, vegetables, rose oil, hookah, inexpensive clothing and footwear, household items and even car parts, which stretched for half a mile down the street Stepan Stambolov and attract a lot of buyers.

      Bazaar - as some alternative to expensive shopping in large shopping centers. It is worth noting that a good counterweight. For mere pennies you can buy quite a decent product. This, of course, not talking about the quality of shoes or a dress, but with regard to products, it just will not lose.

      Fresh cheese, milk, cheese, attractive fruits and vegetables every day is brought to the market peasants from the villages and towns. This fact could ensure the quality.
      Lovers fill bags exclusively in stores also worth visiting the market square. Take a walk, feel the spirit of the city by its inhabitants. So to speak, for the overall development.

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