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    Valley of Roses

    Rose Valley one of the world's largest producers of rose oil and concurrently it smells good place Bulgaria Production rose essential oils in Kazanlak (city near the Valley) began from the time of Turkish rule To date the quality of the Bulgarian

    Lake Burgas

    Lake Burgas 28 square kilometers of salt water area which like migratory birds and lots of fish Here you can arrange a hunt for flounder gobies or Loban Living in these parts and carp but it feels great breeding  difficulties due to industrial

    Dryanovo Monastery

    Dryanovo Monastery one of 10 distinguished refuge of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church the majestic monastery surrounded by cliffs caves and which carries a long history The monastery was built to commemorate the victory of Bulgaria over Byzantium in

    Strandja National Park

    National Park Strandja the most exotic park in Bulgaria founded in 1995 an endless series of mountain ranges usypanyh variety of plants rivers filled with fish forests protected predators and other species coexisting here  in the hollow harmony

    Sozopol Amphitheatre

    Amphitheater the center of cultural life of the city built in the II and found only in 1972 thanks to what happened in the shift Amphitheatre completely renovated and despite the fact that the building at times inferior to the grandeur of their

    The central beach of Sozopol

    Central Beach a nice free sandy beach area of ​​privacy and tranquility near the center of the resort of civilization The water is clean the sea is partially protected from the waves of the peninsula of the old town The beach is fairly narrow so

    Kurgan Ostrusha

    Ostrusha exquisite and unique frakіyskіya tomb which dates back to the uv BC one of the largest in Bulgaria The tomb consists of a similar sarcophagus chamber one round and three rectangular rooms created from well hewn  granite blocks In 1993

    Thracian Tomb

    Frakіyskіmі tomb one of the oldest and most masterpiece tombs in Bulgaria when built to Roygosa one of the kings frakіyskіh Here all as 23 centuries ago caryatid protect the sarcophagus the eagle in the corner murals on the walls During

    Nessebar Beach

    Many believe the beach Nessebar among the most beautiful in Bulgaria They are located in the southern part of the bay where the beach area is bordered by picturesque sand dunes Nessebar a great place for a family holiday and fans pozazhigat night

    Sunny Beach

    The length of the beach is more than 6 km width 40 meters The sand is fine and golden Sunny Beach lot of hotels resorts and sanatoriums who represent a wide range of services From here you can easily reach  the nearest town of Nessebar The
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