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    Valley of Roses

    Rose Valley one of the world's largest producers of rose oil and concurrently it smells good place Bulgaria Production rose essential oils in Kazanlak (city near the Valley) began from the time of Turkish rule To date the quality of the Bulgarian

    Trigrad Gorge

    Trigrad Gorge a great place for hiking climbing and riding Mottled dark and failures pyachoram gorge is also ideal for caving Devil's Throat one of the spectacular phenomena Trigrad and favorite place cavers A little eerie rock formation inside

    Ancient Troy

    Beautiful Helen brave Achilles a decade of war the wooden horse you already guess about what the city will be discussed Of course this Troy sustainable city warriors ingenious engineering and graceful beauties This sung by Homer in the Iliad  

    Monasteries of Mount Athos

    The first monasteries were built here in the IX The Holy Mountain is divided into twenty autonomous territories Each monastery on Mount Athos are presented in Holy Communion which is the administrative legislative and judicial branches of the

    Dryanovo Monastery

    Dryanovo Monastery one of 10 distinguished refuge of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church the majestic monastery surrounded by cliffs caves and which carries a long history The monastery was built to commemorate the victory of Bulgaria over Byzantium in

    Kurgan Ostrusha

    Ostrusha exquisite and unique frakіyskіya tomb which dates back to the uv BC one of the largest in Bulgaria The tomb consists of a similar sarcophagus chamber one round and three rectangular rooms created from well hewn  granite blocks In 1993

    Thracian Tomb

    Frakіyskіmі tomb one of the oldest and most masterpiece tombs in Bulgaria when built to Roygosa one of the kings frakіyskіh Here all as 23 centuries ago caryatid protect the sarcophagus the eagle in the corner murals on the walls During

    Cafe Fenerite

    Fener the name of a charming German beer This is a very cozy cafe stylized German beer bar The name of the cafe is translated as lights Cafe inside looks like a German beer bar The interior of the bar is decorated with lots of candles   placed

    Ski resort Pamporovo

    Pamporovo the southernmost resort in Bulgaria He is the sunniest and warmest ski resorts in Europe Located in a picturesque part of the beautiful Rhodope Mountains 260 km from Sofia and 84 kilometers from Ploўdzіva Back in the 1960s began in

    The historic center of Plovdiv

    Bulgarian city of Plovdiv one of the oldest cities in Europe and the second largest in the country and the importance Picturesque streets houses and squares of the historic center Ploўdzіva store the fingerprints of that happened here hundreds of
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